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How do you start an e-commerce business?

E-Commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world. Marketplaces are booming, and niche brands are launching daily, growing strong without the overheads of brick and mortar premises. For their customers, desktops are still the most popular device for placing orders, but as smartphone use increases, so do mobile transactions. Customer’s expectations when shopping online are increasing and a poor shopping experience just won’t cut it. For any business looking to grow online, providing exceptional shopping experiences is the only way.

What stage are you at?

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I've got Ideas


I want to sell on Marketplaces


I want to create my own website


I sell on-line but want to improve

I sell on-line but want to improve

E-commerce is fast moving and competitive. Retail giants have fallen for failing to adapt.

Standing still is not an option!

If your website is over 12 months old, chances are that it’s performance could be improved with a fresh look or the addition of new features. Frooition’s inhouse development team have created their own library of popular features, so retailers can use these features for their sites without the usual development costs.

Whatever features you feel would enhance your customer’s experience of your site, we can create them for you.

We have worked with thousands of retailers; from independent brick and mortar stores wanting to expand into e-commerce, to retail giants like Dyson and Adidas. Whatever you need, chances are we have experience of creating something similar, and our experienced e-commerce advisors are here to advise on everything from site navigation to stock management.

Get Found:

Whether you are selling on marketplaces or your own e-commerce website in order to be successful you and your products need to be found. There are quick wins and longer term strategies required to get found on search engines. Take a look at our eBay SEO guide and our SEO for eCommerce pages for more information.

On Site SEO

Speed & Usability



Paid Traffic


Play to your Strengths

Our advisors will show you how to play to your strengths and combat your weaknesses online – designing your site to accentuate the unique aspects of your brand, and incorporating the strongest elements of your marketing.

If you have a strong social following, let’s create a clear path for that traffic and introduce customer reviews from your social accounts into your store as social proof. If you find a lot of customers through paid search, let us work with you to perfect those landing pages. It may be that you want to improve your appearance in natural search, increase conversion from product pages or reduce abandoned carts – whatever it is, Frooition have the knowledge, experience and creativity you will need to step ahead of the competition.